Who We Are

MRI Now is an organisation with over 20 years’ experience in delivering Medical Imaging, Diagnostic Procedures and Radiology Services. We conduct all Radiology and Nuclear medicine and procedures at our sites. We understand what you need by providing clear, accurate and quick responses to patient assessment. We know the impact of higher quality radiology and the down line consequences of enabling a faster, safer and healthier recovery.

When a patient or referring doctor chooses MRI Now they will be able to take advantage of MRI Now’s Strategic Care. Strategic Care allows the patient and referring doctor real-time access to the imaging scans and reports. The system also allows easy and instant bookings to MRI Now’s imaging locations. Strategic Care can be integrated into most Patient Management System and Radiology Information System. This enables more accessible and immediate appointments, faster imaging and faster report generation. All this leads to an improved patient experience.

In most cases, our IT system, Strategic Care, provides secure online reporting and film access for authorised personnel within 24 to 48 hours from the time of imaging to reporting.

The MRI Now team handles each appointment with care, compassion and consideration of the individual’s specific needs so that a report is produced to fit in with the treatment queries by our referrers.

To ensure optimal patient care we triage, screen and conduct a safety assessment of every appointment.

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