Who We Are

MRI Now is an organisation with 15 years of radiology experience in both the clinical and corporate sectors.  MRI Now  can assist in providing appointments at an MRI Now provider or at any provider in Australia, at the patient’s own convenience. We understand what you need by providing clear, accurate and quick responses to patient assessment. We know the impact of higher quality radiology and the down line consequences of enabling a faster, safer and healthier recovery.

Our process coordinates and centralises administration to organise appointments while keeping relevant parties informed of the patient radiology imaging process. Our system provides secure online reporting and film access for authorised personnel within 24 hours from the time of imaging to reporting.

At all times, the MRI Now team works with the patient to facilitate the appointment that best suits his or her needs. MRI Now streamlines medical treatment through proactive communication with all stakeholders. MRI Now serves to deliver health and wellbeing outcomes through a proactive approach to assisting people with access to medical services.

The MRI Now team handles each appointment with care, compassion and consideration of the individual’s specific needs so that a report is produced to fit in with the treatment decisions of the treating doctors. While we do not organise Medicare appointments, we are happy to provide the patient with service providers and ratings based on the service of the imaging operator, GP and/or specialist or simply organise an appointment that meets the needs of the individual.

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